what type of mustard are you?


OUr Mustard

We pride ourselves on making hand crafted, gluten-free, specialty mustard.

We have perfected various levels of heat in our featured pepper mustards and are sure to have the right “Mustard with a Kick” for you. Varieties include Mild, Medium, Hot, Turbo, Flamin’ Jalapeno, Smokey Chipotle, Caribbean Red-Habenero, Habanero-Ghost, Ghost-XX, Trinidad Scorpion and Grym Reaper.

Prefer garlic in your mustard? Try our Creamy or Chunky Garlic Mustard, Garlic Scape or Garlic Dill. Garlic with a kick? We have Garlic Jalapeno and Habanero Garlic Mustard

How about a bit sweet? We have Honey Brown, Pub Mustard (a Honey Dijon), Honey Curry, Hot Honey Curry, Three of a Kind, and Sweet ‘N’ Spicy.

Still looking for more? How about Horseradish or Horseradish-XX Mustard? In fact, we even have Wasabi and Dillyishous Mustard!

Whether you are looking for a dipping sauce, condiment or a marinade, make sure to try out our delicious mustards.

27 in total…What type of mustard are you?